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Healthy Living, Healthy Willing! Let’s Grow Together! 

Why Us?

Double Dutch Divas focuses on the growth and promotion of the sport of Double Dutch, educate students about how their heart works and how to stay healthy, getting the community active.

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Double Dutch Divas provides a high quality of support for health & fitness, learning, growing and developing through the art of double dutch. 


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Double Dutch Divas is an amazing origination that promotes health and wellness for all. Double Dutch is such a loved sport everyone wants to be a part of this greatness. Double Dutch Divas is an all people as well as an all purpose program that helps motivate everyone. We are role models, inspirational speakers as well as a listeners. We want to help promote greatness and happiness to people's lives. We want individuals to be able to be in a safe environment, enjoy meeting new people, bonding time and learn about health & fitness programs, environmental health issues, and more! We are looking to help others come out of their comfort zone, meet new people, and be comfortable within our community.

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