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What's our story?

Double Dutch Divas focuses on the growth and promotion of the sport of Double Dutch, educate students about how their heart works and how to stay healthy, getting the community active. 

Everyone needs someone! In addition, double dutch teaches an invaluable lesson, there is no "I" in double dutch. In order to be successful in the rope, you must learn to work as a team and have confidence in your teammates. Teamwork makes the dream work. Come one, come all. We want to promote Unity in the Community! If you're Interested in reading more testimonials? Just let me know. 


Meet the CEO

My name is Angie Mosley. I am born and raised in Seattle, Wa. I have two wonderful son's who keep me going. I am the founder of Double Dutch Divas. I'm a role model, inspirational speaker as well as a listener. My newest foundation is; I am a double Dutch instructor. Super excited about that. I help promote greatness and happiness to people's lives. 

Double Dutch Divas is an all people as well as an all purpose program that helps motivate everyone. I want individuals to be able to be in a safe environment, enjoy meeting new people, bonding time and learn about health & fitness programs, environmental health issues, and more!

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