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Come join Double Dutch Divas for some good cardio and have fun at the same time. Double Dutch Divas provides an exciting experience during our Double Dutch sessions. Double Dutch is a wonderful way to gain energetic cardio. Double Dutch enhances speed, balance and patience. As long as you can jump, you can double dutch. Double Dutch allows you to be part of a team, accomplish goals, helps burn calories and provides a full body workout in a short amount of time. The most of all its super fun.

There are more benefits of double dutching, than just having fun, listening to music and jumping. Trying to see how long you can go without messing up is called determination. Double Dutch is a goal oriented sport. Just like music therapy, there's Double Dutch therapy. During our Double Dutch Divas sessions, community partners gather around with the interest in learning something that they've never tried before or doing something that they haven't done in a long time.

Double Dutch brings unity into the community, happy people, great vibes, opportunity to meet new faces, fun cardio, skill building, increases your bone density, and it also gives your brain a workout. Healthy Willing is Healthy Living. ❤️ Finding a rhythm while others are watching builds confidence and self esteem. It's a momentary achievement that brings happiness within as well as the community that is watching. The ending result is the coaches are proud, the audience are super excited and the participants are gaining a self esteem boost and moments of joy.


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  • February 15, 2022


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